Coach Profile: Bryant Yung, Enrichment Program Director

November 12, 2015 - 16:30
As the newest member of the SF Tots team, let me say how excited I am at the opportunity to help teach the importance of exercise, sports, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle to kids all over the Bay Area! 
I am a native of San Francisco (which apparently is not very common these days!) and am a HUGE Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants fan. I went to college thinking I would eventually become an Elementary School Teacher, but kept finding myself gravitating back towards anything and everything sports related. To me, there is just something about the camaraderie in a positive team environment, and experiencing team success when achieving a common goal that is truly special and pure.
As the Enrichment Program Director I am looking forward to bringing the benefits of the SF Tots programs to as many preschools, daycares, afterschool programs, and other various schools as possible in the Bay Area. This is an exciting opportunity for me to share a passion of mine with as many wonderful children as possible. If you are interested in having SF Tots visit your child’s school, please don’t be shy and get in touch!
Coach Bry